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November 28 - December 5, 2022

The Web3Souls Hackathon in the Metaverse

Social Discovery Ventures strives to shape the future of Social Life 3.0. We believe that Web 3 and metaverse technologies will enable people to build new types of relationships digitally across the world. With the unprecedented flexibility of Web 3, we are able to create a decentralized society that will help us overcome the limitations of the ecosystem we are living in.

Together with researchers of the future Maff Ecosystem, we are organizing a hackathon dedicated to creating DeSoc projects. Join us to get hands-on experience with the concept of Decentralized Society! The Hackathon will include lectures from Web 3.0 experts, meetups, community contests, prizes, and an enchanting after-party in the metaverse. Experts from SDVentures will take an active part in working with the Hackathon teams, as well as share their vision and knowledge with the participants.

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The Web3Souls Hackathon in the Metaverse