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By the nature of the business, we are a global company. We employ more than 600 people worldwide across 8 art-ified offices. Our offices are interconnected with tele-suites allowing us to create virtual teams that draw from our connected experience and global talent.


NYC- Located in the heart of the garment district, our NYC office focuses on public relations, social media, and offline media production, working closely with some of the most innovative marketing agencies in the world.


Our hub for content production, online content management, and home to many of our creative professionals.  The Moscow team combines the technical savvy of CIS countries with the legendarily creative Russian soul.



Minsk- The core of our IT staff, including server specialists, information security experts, network engineers, and coders. There are few projects beyond the scope of this talented team of programmers and technology professionals.



Casablanca- Our newest office represents our entry into a market typically not explored by international companies. With Africa and the Middle East representing fantastic growth opportunities, SDV is leading the pack.


Hong Kong

A city long known for entrepreneurship and investment expertise, our Hong Kong office specializes in managing existing investments as well as locating new opportunities and evaluating start-ups to determine their potential for growth and possible inclusion into the SDV portfolio.



Chongqing- Representing our interests in the new economic powerhouses of Asia, the Chongqing office is a portal that allows us to step into the regional cultures to assess the environment and spot new opportunities for investment and expansion.



Medellin- Latin America is experiencing a big resurgence, and SDV is surging with it. Similar to our Chinese office, the Colombian office gives us boots on the ground and local expertise we can tap into to adapt and expand our brand offerings in the Latin American market.



Home to our management team as well as our client relationship team for all projects with European partners.  Our Malta office also includes a special liaison team which helps coordinate global operations and organize strategy meetings for our cross-functional international teams.


Located in a sleek new office space close to the heart of this historical city, our top notch team here is primarily focused on financial specializations, such as risk assessment, due diligence, compliance, and analytics.

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