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Fueled by creativity and driven by innovation, the culture of Social Discovery Ventures is a dynamic collision of art and technology.


Mission & Vision

Social Discovery Ventures is the international umbrella brand for group of technology and software engineering companies which provide platforms for social discovery, personal development, and online entertainment. We invest into, develop and support a range of B2C internet projects and brands under the framework of social discovery. Some of those projects are online dating, the finding of travel companions, social games, language learning and practicing communities etc.



What began in 1993 as a company that specialized in software development, has evolved over time to support diverse endeavors that all ultimately facilitate social discovery. Ideas grew into projects, projects grew into companies, and the capabilities of SDV grew with them. From online payment processing systems, to helping companies improve their user experience, to uniting people across vast distances, SDV continues to nurture creative concepts that transform into potent brands.


Dmitry Volkov

Dmitry combines European culture with an American entrepreneurial spirit. His first jobs were starring in a blockbuster mafia movie (“Red Mob”) and dancing on Broadway. Always energetic, he was working two jobs at the age of 18 before he started his first company at 20 with only $2,000 in his pocket. He currently holds 3 degrees --- a Ph. D. in Philosophy from Moscow State University, a Masters in U.S. Contemporary History, and an Executive MBA from the Skolkovo School of Business Management, as well as multiple certificates from Harvard Business School.  

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Ian Kravets

Ian Kravets

Ian grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he studied literature and finance after spending a year backpacking around Europe.  After a brief, but highly successful, stint working as an independent risk consultant for Israeli investment firms, wanderlust drew Ian to take a break to explore the great wide world.  He learned the art of sailing working on tour boats for a summer in Greece, and then hitched a ride to South Africa, where he learned the exhilarating thrill of surfing the beaches of Cape Town, where the great white sharks roam.   A chance encounter with a wealthy investor led Ian to join a boating expedition on the Amazon River, a journey that led Ian to become a lifelong conservationist.  To this day, Ian is well-known in his circle of friends for disappearing for weeks at a time on adventurous expeditions to parts of the planet where few people dare to travel.


Matthew Zhang

Matthew hails from Hong Kong, a city long known for breeding innovators and entrepreneurs.  He studied computer science at university, but he found himself fascinated by art.  After Hong Kong was reunited with China, Matthew worked hard to integrate his business with mainland companies and develop the connections needed to succeed in the complicated and hyper-evolving Chinese economy.    Matthew is still based in Hong Kong, where he remains a patron of artists as well as a self-described “uber tech geek.”  Matthew’s technical prowess and connections in the Chinese business world give him a unique perspective on the potential of new technologies and investment opportunities.

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