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SDV presented the first album of “Contemporary Art” series in Saint Petersburg

On March, 21 Social Discovery Ventures held the presentation of Oleg Kulik’s art album, the first in “Contemporary Art” series. This remarkable event that brought together the enthusiasts of modern art, admirers of Kulik’s works and press, took place in pop-up library “Vse Svoi” - a new project of “Leningrad Center” gallery in Saint Petersburg. Special guests of the event were Dmitry Volkov, co-founder of SDVentures, Pierre Brochet, publisher and collector, and Oleg Kulik, the artist himself. A keen contemporary art lover, Volkov has set out to popularize and promote Russian contemporary art in Russia and abroad, supporting publication of albums devoted to works of prominent Russian artists. Each book of “Contemporary Art” will revise and analyze the most important art pieces of famous Russian artists in chronological order, trying to reveal the language of modern art. Prominent critics and theorists of contemporary art, such as Lyudmila Bredikhina and Victor Miziano, were taking part in content development. Dmitry Volkov is an author of the preface to the albums. As an example of co-creational process between artist and businessman, Volkov and Kulik presented an art performance named "Strict Proof of the External World Existence". Virtuosly playing the ping-pong and quoting the famous J. E. Moore’s work, Kulik and Volkov were evidencing the existence of external world.

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