SDV has also invited cutting edge performer/composers Polina Osetinskaya, Misha Piatigorsky, and Vladimir Nesterenko for exclusive showcases that capped off evenings of discussions on how creativity in music affects our thought processes and decision-making.

Music hall

Loft Music

LoftMusic – a private concert and lecture hall for art lovers. We invite an eclectic mix of people, like famous artists, philosophers, collectors, and critics. But not only famous people... we are interested in storytellers, living people with an interesting history, such as a physicist who develops unique materials, young startups with ambitious projects, classical musicians, or creators of electronic music. We are interested in hearing different opinions on various topics. History. History. History. In discussion there can be found collaboration. What can come out of the collaboration of an artist, programmer, collector, philosopher, businessman ...? Artists broaden the mind of business people, philosophers and programmers define new coordinates for artists, physicists are pushing innovators every language there are limits, and we are looking for interdisciplinary language, language that’s not restricted by profession.


Polina Osetinskaya

  Polina Osetinskaya visited us with a concert dedicated to the visit of the philosopher and thinker of our time, Daniel Dennett on 21 June 2012.

Polina began playing the piano at age five, and by six had already given her first solo concert at the Philharmonic Hall in Vilnius. At eight, she debuted as an orchestral pianist with the Chamber Orchestra of Lithuania's Saulius Sondeckis, where she performed Bach's Concerto in D Minor. She graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory and later, in a class with Marina Wolf, took post-graduate studies at the Moscow Conservatory with Professor Vera Gornostaeva.

The uniqueness of the art of Polina Osetinskaya is that it is universal. Connoisseurs of quality piano playing will find in it an example of brilliant virtuosity; power manifests itself in the most difficult solo works, and in the rich lush scores for piano and orchestra.

Those who are committed to the musician’s soul can be carried away by an agitated, then gentle, then disturbing story about the adventures of the soul expressed by sounds. Fans of intellectualism with passion will follow the elegant and often paradoxical construction of its concert programs for the roll call of various works, and the dialogue of composers through the centuries.

Finally, elegance, great charm, and stage charisma allows her to conquer all equally. The combination of these properties makes Polina Osetinskaya clearly one of the leaders of his generation of pianists.


Concert of Trio Vladimir Nesterenko

Among our guests was the organist Vladimir Nesterenko.

Vladimir Nesterenko is quite possibly one of the most interesting and ground-breaking organists in Russia today.   Sometimes eccentric, but always exhilarating, Vladimir performed a few of his pieces at an exclusive gathering hosted by SDV.

Back in 2004, Nesterenko was named the Jazz Journalists Association of Russia "Hope of Russian Jazz", and in 2005 he served an internship in the United States at New York’s Thelonious Monk Jazz Institute. In 2009 he released a solo album "ZeliBop”- the first, but not last: the second album will be released this year under the Artbeat record label.

Nesterenko’s music harmoniously combines fresh ideas and solutions with the deepest respect for the jazz "roots" and tradition of classical music. Vladimir is a marvelous combination of shy and smiling, he is a discreet man, but undoubtedly charming.

M Pyatigorsky

Concert of Misha Pyatigorsky

Misha Piatigorsky - representative of the "Russian" branch of American jazz. A musician with a specific musical vision, Misha combines almost all existing musical techniques today. His creative abilities were inherited from his great-uncle the legendary cellist Gregor Piatigorsky.

He combines the talents of singer, arranger, composer, and educator. Jazz in its purest form, according to Misha, is not able to express the sound of the era, and it is quite a logical symbiosis with elements of classical music, Brazilian rhythms and even hip-hop. The manner of execution of Piatigorsky is very unusual: a deliberate departure from basic rhythm during the game is at times striking. "Jazz rhythm can be compared with small onions, and not all musicians can pull the string of the bow to the limit," to the ear. "Misha Piatigorsky was born in Moscow and began studying music in early childhood. After immigrating to the United States in 1981, he continued his studies under the guidance of renowned pianist Kenny Barron and graduated from the prestigious Manhattan School of Music.

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