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SDV is committed to charitable endeavors, and we believe in a hands on approach rather than simply writing a check. Team members are encouraged to propose and organize charity events, usually finding an enthusiastic reaction to requests for volunteers.


Opening of International Contemporary Art Exhibition

SUPERCONDUCTION: Challenge of Art & Technology A pop-up exhibition of contemporary technological art entitled SUPERCONDUCTION will be held on 6th and 7th November. It has been organized by international investment holding SDVentures, which actively supports projects on the interface between IT technologies, science and art. The display of wo...


Открытие международной выставки

SUPERCONDUCTION: challenge of art & technology 6 и 7 ноября пройдет pop-up выставка современного технологического искусства SUPERCONDUCTION. Выставка организована международным инвестиционным холдингом SDVentures, который...


A Colleague in Need

SDV rallied in support of a colleague, name withheld for privacy reasons, who’s child was born with a very serious medical condition that could best be treated at a hospital in China that specialized in helping children suffering from the condition. We began collecting donations and soon our colleague was able to take her child to get the help th...


Moscow’s Good Samaritans

SDV, in cooperation with local hospitals, hosts a blood drive three times a year to make sure the regional trauma and emergency centers are well-stocked with life-saving blood and plasma. Organized by the tireless efforts of our charity coordination teams, participation has been quite high in this initiative, even though most of the people are afra...


Quest to Understand the Human Mind

In the quest to better understand the human mind, SDV cooperated with Moscow State University’s school of Philosophy to sponsor a philosophy conference on the sailing schooner Rembrandt off the coast of Greenland. Exploring problems of consciousness and freewill in analytical philosophy, the conference sought to fully deconstruct two primary oppo...


Magical Orphanage Visit

SDV employees in Ukraine have adopted an orphanage in Odessa, bringing gifts, light, and entertainment to the children there. Dressing up as good fairies, our team surprised the delighted children with games, music, and other entertainment. The event was very successful, and now our other offices around the world are planning on duplicating it....


Gifts for the Elderly!

Several times a year, our charity coordination team organizes an expedition to bring gifts, needed supplies, and cheerful entertainment to a home for the elderly. For New Year’s our team of volunteers goes all out and dresses up as traditional holiday characters from fairy tales, giving out presents, singing traditional holiday songs, and making ...


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