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SDV CEO Brings Jazz to Life at Charity Concert

On Saturday in Moscow, a very special performance, “Jazz without Limitations,” was held at the music and theater school simply known as “Class Center.” This school, originally started as an outlet for hyper-active but supremely creative children, has grown into a respected concert venue for Avant Garde performances from a variety of innovative musicians under the directorship of Sergey Kazarnovsky.

The performance this past Saturday was particularly notable because, in addition to sets by both of the student orchestras, teachers invited musicians from the Preodolenie physical rehabilitation center, which provides physical therapy for people suffering from spinal injuries and cerebral palsy, to perform experimental jazz drumming. “People don’t always get our music…We don’t play music, we create music compositions,” according to Zhenya Zlexeenko, program director for the Preodolenie group. The Preodolenie center

Integrated into the Saturday evening performance was a dynamic set featuring SDV’s own CEO, Dmitry Volkov, on piano in the jazz trio he plays in with two long-time friends. This was a special performance for Dmitry because he was playing at the same music and theater school that nurtured his passion for music and performing arts when he was growing up. He has this to say about the evening’s show, “The world is fragile, it’s clear. People in wheel chairs can help us learn to value simple things, and show us the power of life.” Despite being a very busy man as CEO of SDV, Kovtun still finds time for philanthropic pursuits.

The evening finished up with a theatrical performance by the Piano group, hailing from a school in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. The audience was amazed to find out that the students were all deaf, because their fluid performance showed no sign of it.


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