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Skirmish musketeers of King Louis XV with crystals Group H-14

According to the artist, "the tension of a Russian classical picture is between the canvas and its name. Which, of course, can be regarded as one of the powerful masterminds and sources of all activities of Moscow conceptualism. " The name "Skirmish musketeers of King Louis XV with crystals Group H-14" in itself contains the intrigue of the absurd. On the canvas, the viewer sees the figures of armed horsemen who rush towards flying crystals. Characters in this picture look as if they were taken from different worlds - the musketeers of the XVIII century, contrast with the futuristic lightning lump-meteors, which came from the sci-fi blockbuster of interplanetary wars. Everything that happens is depicted like black ink on white paper - thin figures of horsemen are like brush marks that appear on the colorless surface and corners and edges of "crystal" clear cut sharply into the snowy background. Blurred gray smears of the troublesome sky complement the fantastic landscape where the action unwraps, which can be called the triumph of the absurd, a combination of incongruous, and because of that creates some unique psychedelic voltages other than the artist's style.                                                                                                                                        VLADEY

Skirmish musketeers of King Louis XV with crystals Group H-14

2003. acrylic on canvas. 40,5 x 210 cm

Pepperstain foto

Pavel Pepperstein

Pavel Pepperstein was born in Moscow in 1966. In 1985-1987. studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (AMU). In 1987 he became one of the founders of the art group "Inspection '' Medical Hermeneutics'." Since 1989 Pepperstein has been an independent artist, writer, critic, theorist of art and rap musician. His works are a continuation of the traditions of the Moscow conceptual school. In 2009 Pepperstein represented Russia at the Venice Biennale. Pepperstein works have been exhibited in many museums and galleries in Russia and around the world, including the Louvre. His paintings, drawings and installations can be found in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg, the center of the George Pompidou in Paris and in many private collections both in Russia and abroad. Various articles about Pepperstein's presentation of contemporary art have been published both at home and abroad.

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