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Opening of International Contemporary Art Exhibition

SUPERCONDUCTION: Challenge of Art & Technology
A pop-up exhibition of contemporary technological art entitled SUPERCONDUCTION will be held on 6th and 7th November. It has been organized by international investment holding SDVentures, which actively supports projects on the interface between IT technologies, science and art. The display of work by internationally renowned artists from the UK, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Slovenia and the USA will transform one floor of the company’s new office centre on Cathedral Square into a full-blown modern exhibition space (Cathedral Square, 2).
Superconduction is a metaphor for processes in today’s economic and social systems. The age of new technologies is forcing human life to adjust to super-speeds. This is not only about jet engines, super-processors and instant communications - man himself is acquiring new qualities, bringing him closer to the dream of superman. The new realities are reflected in science art, where artists as “superconductors” work in collaborations with scientists, participate in research projects and even provide inspiration for scientific discoveries.
The curator of the exhibition is Daria Parkhomenko, founder of LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, the only centre in Russia specializing in scientific and technological art. Jointly with the curator, SDVentures has brought together a number of interactive, robotic, sound and video installations, supplementing the exhibition with several works from its own corporate collection, including an installation called “silk”. This robotic sound installation by media artist ::vtol:: (Russia) tracks in real time the constantly changing exchange rate of the bitcoin to key international currencies and generates sound harmonies.
Amongst the works on display at the SUPERCONDITION exhibition are:
- video sculpture “20Hz” by the Semiconductor group (UK). This visualizes the phenomenon of solar magnetic storms, which occur in the upper layers of the atmosphere and are normally inaccessible to human perception;
- an installation entitled “Crystal Set” by Ralf Baecker (Germany) “liberates” crystals from their normal function as semiconductors in transistors and microcircuits. In the installation, some ultra-thin needles are connected to an unprocessed silicon carbide crystal to create a semiconductor junction (diode), causing the crystal to radiate light and sound that we can observe;
- An installation entitled “Talk to Me” by Rasa Šmite, Raitis Šmits and Mārtiņs Ratniks (Latvia) explores the idea of interconnection between man and other species. The artists have designed an online interface enabling people to communicate with plants at a distance. The exhibition involves two flowers – one from SDVentures’ Moscow office and the second from its Riga office. Viewers in Riga will be able to send encouraging messages to the plant in Moscow, and vice versa, to help them grow strong and firm, according to scientific hypotheses.
Also on show at the exhibition will be interactive installations entitled “On Broadway” by American artists Daniel Goddemeyer, Moritz Stefaner, Dominikus Baur and Lev Manovich, “Aftertaste” by Russian art group Where Dogs Run, a robot named “Armed and Dangerous” by Nemo Gould (USA), and video installations “Forms” by Memo Akten and Quayola (UK/Turkey) and “Voyager 140 AU” by Slovenian artists Miha Turšič and Špela Petrič.
Exhibition venue:
Cathedral Square, 2
2nd floor
Dates 6-7 November
Opening hours: 12:00 – 19:00
Entrance free
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