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My Kremlin

"My Kremlin" speaks to the viewer through the frivolous and about the serious. For example, “What is the homeland?”, which we love and hate at the same time. Knitted fabric "with wacky ornaments" gives rise to associations with warm winter sweaters and a carpet - a fixture of Soviet luxury with endless Siberian forests, fields and with an equally vast cold and comfortless Siberia. The audience also watches the process of creating knitwear. Thus, the artist gets to those who created this space - Russia knits or weaves her and perhaps our common future.

My Kremlin

2014. An object, 3d print, plastic, acrylic, salt, knitting, yarn, video, mirrored disco ball, mixed media. Varies size

    Наташа Юдина

    Natasha Yudina

    Natasha Yudina was born in 1982 in Tomsk. 2008 - graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow), Backstein I.M. courses. 2000-2003 - studied at Tomsk State University in the Department of Fine Arts. 2011 - exhibition curator of the Artmuseum Project, Forum of Contemporary Art, the Tomsk Regional Art Museum (Tomsk). 2012, 2011 - participant of the International Symposium of Contemporary Art «Nord Art» (Büdelsdorf, Germany). 2009 - personal exhibition - action "Toys" (Tomsk House of Artists). Since 2007 – has participated in both Moscow and St. Petersburg exhibitions: Illustrators Exhibition "Institute of Smiles" A. Bartenev (Moscow), "Inventory" - in the framework of the project "Session of the young art," curator - Anya Zhelud (St. Petersburg), "Art Moscow 2008" (exhibition of the graduates of the Institute of Contemporary Art) project "M'ARTIAN field" - in the framework of the I Biennale for Young Art, CCA M'ARS (Moscow). "My Kremlin" / "Prophetic Things" Gridchinhall, Moscow region. Lives and works in Tomsk.

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