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My Kremlin

"My Kremlin" is the image of the motherland. A knitted fence with a trivial pattern clashes with a Kremlin wall decorated with fir trees. This scene is akin to a familiar old sweater. People often continue to wear a sweater for many years. The sweater is a metaphor for life in the cold Siberian outskirts, where winter lasts for a very long time. Here the Motherland is taken for granted – you get worn and torn in the place where you are born.

My Kremlin

2014. An object, 3d print, plastic, acrylic, salt, knitting, yarn, video, mirrored disco ball, mixed media. Varies size

    Наташа Юдина

    Natasha Yudina

    Born in Tomsk in 1982. Natasha Yudina studied Fine Arts at Tomsk State University from 2000-2003. In 2008, she completed a course by J. M. Backstein at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The artist is known for creating her own spectacular knitted pieces, as well as entire patriotically themed canvases using large wooden knitting needles. Having printed a miniature Kremlin using her 3D-printer, she surrounded it with well-known knitted sweaters.

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