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Winter from the series "Times of year"

The teddy bear embodies the Russian bear, and Barbie - the US, and their relationships - the age-old rivalry between the two countries.In the first case, it turns out that the game joins the child to the side of life that is usually hidden from the children, or, to put it differently – joins it to the games that are played by adults only. In the second case, the game applies to geopolitics and ideology, that is, to those aspects of life that are generally accepted to be considered very serious. Apparently, Dubosarskiy and Vinogradov mean that the game should be taken seriously, but we should not forget that all of it is nothing more than just the game.

Winter from the series "Times of year"

2014. Oil on canvas. 195 х 195 cm

ДУбосарский и Виноградов

Dubosarsky & Vinogradov

Vladimir D. was born in Moscow in 1964 to the family of artist Yefim Davidovich Dubossarski. Since 1994 - he's been a member MOSKH. Vinogradov A. was born in Moscow on December 30, 1963 to a family of engineers. He worked briefly as an artist at a furniture factory until Vladimir Dubosarskiy invited to work to the exhibition hall of the Octyaborsky district of Moscow. Lives and works in Moscow. In 2010, a large painting of Vladimir Dubossarsky and Alexander Vinogradov, along with the works of Mike Kelly, Saul Levitt, Richard Teksera and Anselm Kiefer, were included in the declared Parisian company A&F Markets Project Art Exchange - a platform for trading in shares, which was flipping works of art belonging to Parisian galleries, concluding with A&F Markets contracts.

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