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This is a caricature of the Japanese Emperor Hirohito, who dragged his country into World War II and brought a lot of sorrow upon his countrymen and people of other countries. The sun is rising on his cap but for the “Land of the rising sun” this war turned into the horror of two atomic bombings and the loss of the Kuril Islands. And all that’s left for this man after all he’s done is to “shake a leg” and flee from the wrath and contempt, as the artist hints by placing the word “Legs” written in a calligraphic font (resembling Japanese hieroglyphs) under the acrimonious “portrait”. This philosophical work reflects the fate of all those who took responsibility for the future of others and destroyed it. They will not escape the shame and redemption.                                                   VLADEY


acrylic on canvas. 100 x 70 сm

К. Звездочетов


Born in Moscow in 1958. Since the beginning of the 1980s, he has been one of the most active and influential national artists, a member of the “Mukhomori” and “World Champions” Young artists’ creative groups. The artist has focused on a range of issues in his work, which highlights him as the original explorer of the local basic culture, its various shapes and manifestations, and myths, supporters, and unknown artists. It was Zvezdochetov who introduced a multitude of styles to modern Russian art. Many had considered these styles insignificant for a long time: the style of magazine cartoons, handwritten notices, propaganda posters, provincial cinema posters, Lubok advertisement posters and so on. This pretentious frivolity and deliberate toning down of the genre, more than anything else, point towards Zvezdochetov as the rightful successor of avant-garde’s overwhelming attraction towards the basic art forms.

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