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Darling, no need for blood anymore

Social Discovery Ventures is a Collision of Art & Technology. SDVentures collects objects of contemporary Russian Art and creates space for well-known artists, musicians, collectors and critics, inviting them to present ideas, compositions and installations that reflect the past, present and future of art, and what it all means in the context of the modern world. The painting was created in 2013, made on canvas, acrylic. Some Art objects in the company’s collection are presented at exhibitions.

A picture of Russian artist, writer and critic Paul Pepperstein "Darling, no need for blood anymore," that is currently featured in the exhibition "New storytellers in the Russian art of XX-XXI centuries" at the State Russian Museum. This work is dedicated to the specifics of the presentation of stories or narratives in the works of contemporary Russian artists. The second piece, «The Limousine», was created by Elena Korina in the project «The Refrain», which forms a thick exhibition environment, mainly composed of large objects, they certainly something moves, spins, rotates, creating a sense of infectious pathetic nonsense. Installation "Limousine" presented at the exhibition of nominees of X All-Russian competition in the field of contemporary visual art "Innovation". The opening took place on March 26 at the Exhibition Hall of the National Centre for Contemporary Art.


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