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Why you should be a member of the SDV team

  • We promote personal and professional growth.

    We believe that they are interlinked.

  • High job satisfaction leads to high retention rate.

  • We promote from within.

    We believe in hiring quality people and helping them grow as the company grows

  • Our office spaces are

    airy, modern, and art-ified.

  • Our corporate parties and events are

    more creative than what you're used to.

    Art projects, sailboat races, winter sports challenges..., we mix it up and we promise you won't be bored.

  • We won't ask you to do something without the resources to accomplish it

    to the standards we set.

Featured Jobs

We believe that great people build great businesses. Our company grows and develops continuously and that’s why we are always in search of creative, ambitious and goal-oriented employees. We are confident that they can bring diversity of thought and invaluable experience necessary to drive our company forward. Besides, we are always happy to support employees wishing to relocate to another country and strengthen our foreign teams. Our offices in Hong Kong, China (Chongqing), Russia (Moscow), Latvia (Riga), Belarus (Minsk), Malta, USA (New York), Colombia (Bogota) are waiting for you! If you are interested in working with us, don’t hesitate and send your CV to our email

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