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"Avant-Garde" Book Launch Hosted by Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Moscow, Russia, April 20 – Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMMA) hosted one of the most significant events of its anniversary year with a book launch from the preeminent Russian artists of our time. The talented trio of Vladimir Dubosarskiy, Alexander Vinogradov and Oleg Kulik, presented new English-language art books about their work titled “Avant-Garde”.

Special guests who attended the event included Nikolai Uskov – editor-in-chief of “Snob” magazine, Vasily Tsereteli – CEO of MMMA, Dmitry Volkov – co-founder of Social Discovery Ventures, and leading art collector Nicholas Palazhchenko. A round-table discussion featured topics including the sense of beauty in art and the difference between commercial and non-commercial art. All three artists shared their experience of the implementation of original projects in the field of contemporary art.

The exhibition also saw new paintings from Dubossarsky and Vinogradov in a collection titled “Museum with Predictions”. It encouraged those in attendance to reflect on history and the present day, while offering an exciting glimpse into the future.

The new “Avant-Garde” art books were sponsored by Social Discovery Ventures, a leading global company in internet commerce, who owns several works by the artists including “12 Dead Monkeys”, “Wedding”, and “Seasons: Winter”.


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