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3D MiniBuilders – Art as Innovation

SDV wants to help transform the concept of what is possible in artistic and industrial architecture. Using a fleet of purpose built robots, art collides with technology and 3D structures go from the computer screen to reality in front of your eyes. With these new tools, artists and architects will be able to turn everyday objects and structures into expressions of human creativity. In time, these robots will be able to morph often bland cityscapes into fantastic expressions of the artistic mind. Mini-builders

There has always been a close relationship between architecture and technology. Yet, in recent times, architecture has stagnated and the construction industry has been slow to adopt technologies that are already well established in other fields. Robotics and Additive Manufacturing offer great potential towards innovation within the construction industry.

A research group at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (, based in Barcelona,set out with a goal of re-elaborating 3D printing techniques so as to overcome existing limitations of this technique at larger scales.

The objective was to develop a family of small scale construction robots, all mobile and capable of constructing objects far larger than the robot itself. Moreover, each of the robots developed was to perform diverse tasks, linked to the different phases of construction, finally working together as a family towards the implementation of a single structural outcome. Hence, instead of one large machine, a number of much smaller robots work independently, but in coordination, towards a single goal.

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